05 October 2009

G(hostface) K(illah)

Nice hat

Pitchfork: Can you talk about the direction you took on this one?

GK: The direction is more based around storytelling. It's poetry. You know, different situations and topics. It ain't all lovey dovey, you know what I'm saying? You do got your songs complimenting women, and songs where I fucked up, where I might have got a girl pregnant. Songs where I'm feeling lonely and shit, where my girl left me and there's another man that moved into my house with kids. And you got situations where you bump into a pregnant girl, but she's so pretty, and you wish you could have her, but she's pregnant and she's married. Just problems when I might have messed around, let the cable man come to my house, fix my cable, but two weeks later he's somewhere on my property in my guest house, screwing my wife. So it's just different topics on the album and shit. It's more mature; that's what I'll say.

Pitchfork: So it's really an album of grown-up relationship talk?

GK: Yeah. Growing up, relationships, and me just spitting game at women, complimenting them, things of that nature.